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Varnishes - 6 Coats a Day Yacht Varnish & Primers

Skipper’s yacht paint’s, extensive and high performance yacht varnish range, has been developed to provide a solution for all wood finishing requirements. Our yacht varnishes have been formulated to provide superior protection, resistance, application and finish in the marine environment.

Skipper's Line two-component "6 coats a day" yacht varnish, our high build version and wood primers.



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Poliglass - 6 Coats a Day Underglass - Wood Sealer

Poliglass - 6 coats a day - Fast Drying Yacht VarnishTwo-component, fast drying yacht varnish, used in the “6 coats a day” varnishing system.


Providing easy application and excellent resistance in the marine environment. Poliglass yacht varnish can be over coated with any of the other Skipper’s Line yacht varnishes.

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Acriglass UV - HIgh Performace Yacht Varnish

Wood sealing, two-component yacht varnish. Formulated for use as a base coat on wood and plywood.

Excellent penetration and sealing ability. A base coat before the application of a one or two component yacht varnish or yacht paint finishing system.


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Poliglass Gel UV - High Build

Underglass - Wood Sealer Yacht VarnishA two-component modified version of Poliglass yacht varnish, allowing a higher thickness application per coat.

Excellent brush application, and a labour saving product. Formulated with UV filters for long term resistance in the marine environment.


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