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Yacht Primers - For Aluminium & Non Ferrous Metals

Skipper’s yacht paints include a range of yacht primers formulated to provide adhesion on to aluminium and other non ferrous metals, used in an anticorrosive coating system for the marine environment. Yacht Primers suitable for above and below the waterline.



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View all Skipper's Line Yacht Primers for aluminium & non ferrous metals:

Eliprimer 2C - Propeller Primer Epofond AM/9 - Epoxy Primer

Eliprimer 2C Propeller Yacht PrimerTwo-component yacht primer developed for outstanding direct adhesion on to GRP/FRP and plastics.

Used in a professional finishing system for above and below the waterline.

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Epofond AM/9 - Satin Epoxy Yacht Primer

Satin epoxy yacht primer formulated for application on all substrate types.


Providing excellent adhesion, anticorrosion properties, and a non-toxic film, used in two-component coating system. Also used for portable water tanks.


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Epofond HB- High Build Epoxy Epofond WB/90- Waterbased

Epofond HB - High Build Epoxy PrimerSatin high build epoxy paint suitable for all substrate types, allowing a higher thickness coat per application.

Used as a fairing epoxy and also for it anti osmosis properties, suitable for below and above waterline.


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Epofond WB/90 - Waterbased Epoxy PrimerHigh performance water based epoxy, suitable for all substrate types, provides excellent anticorrosive and water proofing, where a water-based coating is required for internal parts of boats.



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Eposealer - Solvent Free Epoxy Ottovernix - Clear Coating

Eposealer - Solvent Free Anti-osmosis Epoxy Primer Clear solvent free epoxy coating performing excellent adhesion, waterproofing, and long-term resistance in a coating system below or above the waterline. 



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Ottovernix - Clear Coating for non ferrous metalsClear gloss coating for non ferrous metals. 


Providing excellent adhesion and resistance for non ferrous metals in the marine environment.




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