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Eliprimer 2C - Propeller Primer

Two-component key coating propeller primer. Eliprimer 2C is a satin epoxy yacht primer for steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals such as bronze, brass etc.


Providing an excellent anchor pattern and long lasting anticorrosive barrier. Eliprimer 2C can be over coated with antifouling or two–component finishes.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to non-ferrous metals 
  • Over coated with antifouling or Topcoats
  • Long lasting


Product Technical Details:
Area of Use: Above and below the waterline
Bare Substrate:

Aluminium & light alloys
Non-Ferrous Metals

Coverage per Litre: 8-9 m2 per litre
Application Method: Brush - Reduce by 20-30% with Thinner 765
Spray - Reduce by 20-30% with Thinner 765
Pot Life (A+B at 20ºC): Use within 6-8 hours
Touch Dry: 2 hours at 20ºC
Recoat Time: 12-24 hours at 20ºC


off white
Number of Coats: 2 (depending on usage)

Mixing Ratio by Volume:

4 parts Sol A with 1 parts Sol B
Packaging Size: 500ml kits (A+B)

* The product information is a general overview, to help when deciding which product to use. Please see the product's technical data sheet for specific information.