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Epofond WB/90- Water Based Epoxy Yacht Primer

High performance water based epoxy coating, provides anticorrosive protection to steel, with excellent properties on other substrates types for typical applications.


Epofond WB/90 compared to other water based epoxies has a longer pot life, which allows applications of up to 4 hours at 20ºc.

Epofond WB/90 is generally ready for use, with the need to add only a very small percentage of water. Providing resistance to fuels, mineral oils, detergents and solvents. Generally used on bilges, tanks, insulating panels, wood, giving a waterproof finish for the interior of GRP/FRP.

Epofond AM/9 Epoxy Primer
Features and Benefits

  • Ready for use with a longer pot life
  • Fast drying and easy sandpapering  
  • Easy to clean 
  • Excellent adhesion and anticorrosion properties 


Product Technical Details:
Area of Use: Internal Use 
Bare Substrate:


Coverage per Litre: 5-6 m2 per litre (3-4 m2 per kg)
Application Method: Brush - Ready for use or with 5% max water
Spray - Ready for use or with 5% max water
Pot Life (A+B at 20ºC): Use within 4 hours
Touch Dry: 1-2 hours at 20ºC
Recoat Time: 8-16 hours at 20ºC


Number of Coats: 2-3 (depending on usage)

Mixing Ratio by Volume:
Mixing Ratio by Weight:

100 parts Sol A with 22 parts Sol B
100 parts Sol A with 16 parts Sol B
Packaging Size: 730ml, 2.750 litres and 29kg kits (A+B)

* The product information is a general overview, to help when deciding which product to use. Please see the product's technical data sheet for specific information.