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Eposealer - Solvent free, anti-osmosis epoxy

Eposealer is a two component solvent free epoxy primer. Used as a osmosis treatment for GRP boats with osmosis problems applied at 100 microns per coat.


Eposealer can also used for waterproofing coating on wood , which can also be over coated with varnish. Eposealer is also used as a solvent free coating for steel and cast iron.  

Eposealer - Solvent Free Epoxy Primer
Features and Benefits

  • 2:1 mixing ratio
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility  
  • Multi usage e.g. osmosis treatment
  • Clear coating  


Product Technical Details:
Area of Use: Above and below the waterline
Bare Substrate:


Coverage per Litre: 5 m2 per litre
Application Method:
As a primer on bare wood:

Brush - Ready for use
Reduce by 40-50% Thinner 765
Or use Epowood as alternative

Pot Life (A+B at 20ºC): Use within 30-40 minutes
Recoat Time: 24 hours at 20ºC


Clear liquid
Number of Coats: 3-4 (depending on usage)

Mixing Ratio by Volume:

2 parts Sol A with 1 parts Sol B
Packaging Size: 1.5 Litres and 6 Litres kits (A+B)

* The product information is a general overview, to help when deciding which product to use. Please see the product's technical data sheet for specific information.