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Fillers/Fairing Compounds

Marine fairing compounds and fillers play an important role in surface preparation including high thickness fairing, surface levelling, filling of fine surface scratches and pin holes.


Skipper’s Line range of fillers, enables you to make the right choice of filler for the substrate, and the type of filling/fairing is required, with good adhesion to substrates and within the coating systems.




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Sintofiller - Synthetic Filler Polistuck - Fine Polyester Filler

Sintofiller - Synthetic Surface Filler Surface filler, providing good adhesion, filling power and sandpapering properties for light surface levelling, pin holes and irregularities.


Recommended in synthetic one-component coatings systems.

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Polistuck Fine surface marine fillerFast drying, fine polyester filler.


Allows for the application at a high thickness or for light surface levelling with excellent sandpapering characteristics. Suitable for application on all substrate types.

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Epoxy Light - High Thickness
Fairing compound

Palmur Finisher- Fairing

Epoxy Light Filler NS - High Thickness Fairing ComoundTwo-component lightweight fairing compound for high thickness surface levelling.


Its low gravity formulation allows a high thickness application in one coat. Used for professional finishing.


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Palmur Finisher - Epoxt Fairing CompoundEpoxy fairing compound, used in a professional finishing system, providing easy sandpapering properties.

Can be used in conjunction with Skipper’s Epoxy Light Filler NS.



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