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Palmur Finisher - Epoxy Fairing Compound

Plamur finisher is a two-component epoxy fairing compound, which can be used for either high thickness fairing on large or small areas. Plamur finisher provides easy sandpapering properties, enabling the achievement of a perfectly smooth finish.


Plamur finisher is used with Skipper’s Line epoxy light filler to smooth minor surface imperfections and obtai n a smother finish before the application of the finishing system. Plamur finisher is recommended in a professional coating system.

Palmur Finisher Epoxy Filler
Features and Benefits

  • Good adhesion to substrate
  • Excellent sandpapering characteristics
  • Easy 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Epoxy filler which is also suitable for small areas  
Product Technical Details:
Area of Use: Below and Above the waterline


Coverage per Litre: 2 m2 per litre (depending on thickness applied)
Pot Life (A+B at 20ºC): use within 1 hour
Application Method: Spatula - ready for use
Touch Dry: 6-8 hours at 20ºC
Can be sand papered: After 18-24 hours at 20ºC
Recoat Time: 24 hours at 20ºC
Mixing Ration: 1 part Sol A with 1 part Sol B
Packaging Size: 1 Litre and 5 Litres kits A+B

* The product information is a general overview, to help when deciding which product to use. Please see the product's technical data sheet for specific information.