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Redilfast - Accelerator Thinner

Redilfast is a drying accelerator for one and two component yacht paints and varnish. This product is used as an addition to one and two component yacht paints and varnishes.


Formulated to improving the drying, hardness, gloss, and resistance to powdering of the product finished film.


The product is non-yellowing when used with coatings and is suitable for use with the Skipper’s Line Yacht Coatings Range. Can be used in place of the normal thinner or in conjuction with the usual thinner.


Redilfast Accelerator Thinner
Features and Benefits

  • Used with one or two component products
  • Reduce drying times 


Product Technical Details:
Application Method:

Can be used at with the product up to maximum of 20% in replacement (or in addition) to the normal thinner advised.

Note: if normal reccomedation is thinning to 30% you may dilute with 20% Redilfast + 10% of the usual product thinner.

Mixture Life: Use Mixture within 24 hours


Clear liquid
Packaging Size:


* The product information is a general overview, to help when deciding which product to use. Please see the product's technical data sheet for specific information.