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SPACE TOP line Additives - Pro Finishing System


Additives for use with the range, Space Top Pro Topcoat,

Space Clear UV yacht varnish and Space clear 3/1 UV yacht varnish.


Include: drying accelerator, Anti-bubble additive, Anti-moisture additive, Anti-silicone additive, accelerating additive/reducer, Spraying and brushing additive.

Space Fast - Drying Accelerator

Drying additive to combat severe weather condition and low temperature, which are present at the time of application, reducing the drying time of the product when applied in low temperatures. Space Fast is added to either space Top and Space Clear at a percentage of 1% to the total mixture A+B.

Space BP - Anti Bubble Additive

Additive to prevent catering and bubble formation, which can be encountered in certain, weather conditions within the coating. Space BP is formulated to be used with the topcoat to overcome the problem, Space BP is added to the topcoats at a percentage of between 0.5 – 1% max to the total mixture A+B.

Space HP - Anti Moisture Additive

Anti-moisture additives used where humidity condition could affect application. Space HP is recommended in particular conditions of humidity. Space HP has been developed to be used with the topcoats added at a percentage of between 1-5% depending on condition to the total mixture A+B.

Space SP - Anti Silicone Wash

Anti-Silicone additives used to remove traces of silicone present on the substrate, which may affect the coating application. Space SP must be applied directly on to the substrate with a wet cloth and the substrate should be suitably cleaned to remove any trace of silicone before the application of Space Top yacht paint, Space Clear yacht varnish or Space Clear 3/1 yacht varnish.

Space 201 - Reducer

Standard thinner for use with Synthetic, alkyd, glycerophatalic, polyacrylic and polyurethane two component paints and varnishes, also used as thinner for spray application for the two component products.

* The product information is a general overview, to help when deciding which product to use. Please see the product's technical data sheet for specific information.