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Star Teak Line - Teak Maintenance System

Teak deck before Star Teak Line Treatment

Star Teak Line range has been formulated for the maintenance and protection of tropical woods like teak where a varnish system would not be suitable, including teak decks.


The Star Teak line consists of 3 products, a Cleaner,

a Brightener, and a UV Sealer Oil. The combination of these products, allowing ease of maintenance and Deck after Star Teak Line Cleaner, Brightener and cleaner treatment

providing protection to these areas of your boat.  








Step 1 - Star Teak Cleaner

Star Teak Line Cleaner

Star Teak Cleaner is a concentrated solution for cleaning teak

decks, and other untreated surfaces on board. The cleaner removes ingrained dirt from the wood, restoring the woods natural colour.


The cleaner can be thinned with water and is not suitable for spray application. The cleaner should be applied on to the wood and scrubbed.


For the most effective results, the use of Star Teak Brightener should be used if the teak remains blacken or grey, after using the cleaner.

Step 2 -Star Teak Brightener

Star Teak Line Brightener

Star Teak Brightener is a solution formulated to restore the natural colour of wood blackened by oxidisation or has become grey due

to sun exposure.


Star teak brightener is ready for use and should be applied by brush.


The brightener should be applied evenly on to the surface, and should be left for a few minutes to penetrate the affected area, and then should be brushed with a nylon brush to increase the brightening action, it should then be rinsed with fresh water, repeating the process if required.

Step 3 -Star Teak Sealer Oil with UV Filter

Star Teak Line Sealer Oil with UV Filters

Star Teak Sealer UV is a protective solvent based formulation, with the addition of UV filters for the treatment and maintenance of teak and other precious woods. Providing protection from sun, and weather exposure.


Star Teak Sealer UV is ready for use, suitable for brush or roller application only. Star teak sealer is recommended for on going maintenance of teak decks. Please see the Star Teak Cleaner and Brightener.


* The product information is a general overview, to help when deciding which product to use. Please see the product's technical data sheet for specific information.