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Thinners, Removers & Other Products 

Skipper’s Line yacht coatings have developed a special range of thinners/reducers and additives specifically formulated and balanced to work with the Skipper’s Line yacht coatings product range.


These products aid the application of our coatings by reducing viscosity, for high & low temperatures, for spray & brush application, for acceleration of drying times, non-slip. With removers to make the annual maintenance less time consuming.



Thinners - For all Products Svernigraf - Paint Remover

Skipper's Line Yacht Paint ThinnersRange of Thinners for all one and two component paints and varnish products.


To aid the application of Skipper's Line products for brush and spray application.


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Svernigraf paint and antifoul remover Solvent based yacht paint and yacht varnish remover for use on steel, wood, aluminium and galvanised iron substrates.  



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Stripcarena - Antifoul Remover Redilfast - Accelerator

Stripcarena antifoul remover

A special water thinable antifouling remover based on non-toxic compounds.


To remove old antifouling from GRP/FRP without impairing Gel coat or any reinforced polyester material. 


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Redilfast accelerator AdditiveDrying accelerator for one and two component yacht paints and varnish.


Formulated to improving the drying, hardness, gloss and resistance to powdering of the product finished film.



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Antiskid - Non-slip

Antiskid - Non Slip AdditiveUndercoat for one-component finishes system, developed for the preparation of topsides and superstructures.


Over coated with Topkapi and Skipper’s line one-component finishes.

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