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Thinners - For One and Two Component Products

Skipper's Line Yacht Paint and Yacht Varnish Thinners

Skipper’s Line yacht coatings have developed a special range of thinners/reducers and additives specifically formulated, and balanced to work with the Skipper’s Line yacht coatings product range.


These product aid the application of our coatings by reducing viscosity, for high & low temperatures, for spray & brush application, and for acceleration of drying times.

One Component

107 Thinner  

Standard thinner for Synthetic, alkyd, glycerophtalic and polyurethane one- component paints and varnishes in temperatures up to 20ºC.

109 Thinner

Flowing thinner for synthetic and polyurethane one component paints and varnishes, for use in temperatures over 20ºC and in windy conditions.  

900 Thinner

Spraying thinner for use with synthetic and polyurethane one component paints and varnishes when products are being applied by spray application.

400 Thinner

Thinner for brush application of antifouling paints and chlorinated rubber based one components paints.  

Two Component

203 Thinner

Standard thinner for use with Synthetic, alkyd, glycerophatalic, polyacrylic and polyurethane two component paints and varnishes, also used as thinner for spray application for the two component products.

205 Thinner

Retardant thinner for two-component polyurethane, and polyacrylic paints and varnishes. Aiding the flowing ability of the product, when applied by brush or roller. 

765 Thinner

Thinner for use with Skipper’s Lines two component epoxy paints, used when application is by brush, roller and spray. 

201 Thinner

Thinner for two component polyurethane paints and varnish for brush, roller and spray application, used with Space Top Line Professional finishing range.

* The product information is a general overview, to help when deciding which product to use. Please see the product's technical data sheet for specific information.