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Skipper's Line Yacht UndercoatsThe preparation of a substrate before the application of the topcoat is key for obtaining a good yacht paint finish. The more work put in to the preparation of the surface the better the yacht paint finish will be.


The products within yacht paints undercoat range are formulated to provide characteristics to suit your application and finish requirements. Providing a smooth and fair surface, to apply Skipper’s high performance topcoats, achieving the best results by either spray or brush application.




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Sottofondo - One-component Polifond - Two-component

Sottofondo - One-component Yacht Undercoat Undercoat for one-component finishes system, developed for the preparation of topsides and superstructures. Over coated with Topkapi and Skipper’s line one-component finishes.


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Polifond - Two-component High Performance UndercoatTwo-component high performance undercoat. Easy application, Fast drying, and remarkably easy to sandpaper, with good filling properties. Used in a professional two-component finishing system.  


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