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Paint Finishes and Topcoats


Skipper's Line Yacht Paint, finishes and TopcoatsSkipper’s Line high quality topcoat finishes and yacht enamels have been formulated to give optimum protection and durability within the marine environment in either a one or two component finishing systems.


Yacht paints providing outstanding gloss, colour retention, UV protection and chemical resistance. Enabling the achievement of a superior finish, for topsides, superstructure, decks, interiors and masts.



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Topkapi - Superior Yacht Paint Acriglass - Professional Yacht Finish

Topkapi - Superior YachtPaintHigh gloss, premium quality yacht paint. Providing a non-yellowing topcoat of superior quality.


Providing long lasting colour and gloss retention. Excellent coverage and UV resistance in marine environment.


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Acriglass - Professional Yacht FinishThis ultra high gloss finish provides excellent resistance in the severe marine environment, to sun, saltwater, formulated for colour stability and gloss retention.


Provides a tough but flexible film for optimum protection and beauty, ease of maintenance. A professional finishing yacht paint.

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Space Top Pro - Professional Yacht Finish Sintolin - High Quality Yacht Paint

Space Top Pro Topcoat Absolute non-yellowing, full bodied high gloss finish providing excellent flexibility and remarkable resistance in the marine environment. Providing excellent gloss and colour retention, a high flowing formulation, for optimum protection and beauty.

Available in Skipper's colours, RAL/BS colours or special colours.

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Sintolin - High Quality Yacht PaintA high gloss yacht paint for exterior use, providing outstanding brushing ability and coverage, with colour and gloss brilliance.


Available in Skipper’s standard colours, BS/RAL and with also special colours mixed order.




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Topkapi Satin - Superior Satin Yacht Paint Interno Scafi  - Bilge and Locker Paint

Topkapi Satin - Superior Satin PaintA satin non-yellowing yacht paint, where a superior satin finish is required. Providing excellent coverage and resistance in the marine environment.


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Bilge and Locker paintSkipper’s Lines bilge and locker yacht paint, fast drying, resistance to seawater and fuels for optimum protection of internal boat parts.



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Whitext Bucciato - Textured Yacht Paint Smalto Per Coperta - Deck Paint

Semi gloss textured finish yacht paint, with excellent flexibility and resistance in the marine environment.


Recommended for the topsides and superstructures of yachts and boats where it is necessary to reduce the surface unevenness or surface imperfections. 


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Deck PaintOne-component deck paint, providing excellent resistance in the marine environment.


Easy to apply, with a durable surface.



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Motori Marini - Marine Engine Paint

Idrodrop - Anti-condensation Interior Paint

Motori Marini - Marine Engine PaintFast drying marine paint for yacht engines, available in all common marine engine colours.





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Idrodrop - Anti-condensation Interior PaintIdrodrop is a water diluted anti condensation paint, particularly suitable to withstand mould growth due to condensation caused by external and internal temperature changes.


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Epoxy A1 - Non Toxic Coating for Tanks

Epoxy A1 - Non Toxic Coating for tanksNon-toxic, solvent free coating formulated for application, where a non-toxic coating is required, for tanks or compartments.




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