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Yacht Primers

Skipper's Line Yacht Primers

Skipper’s Line has formulated a range of yacht primers suitable for adhesion to the different types of substrates.


The right yacht primer is important when choosing a coating system, as they can prolong the life of the yacht paint system, giving suitable adhesion and protection for above and below the waterline.



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Solver  - Multi-purpose Yacht Primer Unifiber - Direct Application to GRP/FRP

Solver Primer - MultipurposeExcellent adhesion on to wood and steel, for above and below the water line. Used as a tie coat between epoxy primer and antifouling.

Providing anticorrosive and anti-decay properties. Can be over coated with all one component finishes.

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Unifiber Primier - Direct application to GRP/FRPOne-component yacht primer for direct application on to GRP/FRP.

Used as an intermediate coat between two-component epoxy and polyurethane finishes, also antifouling.



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Polifiber- Application to GRP/FRP & Plastics Epofond AM/9 - Epoxy Yacht Primer

Polifiber Primer - Application direct to GRP/FRPTwo-component yacht primer developed for outstanding direct adhesion on to GRP/FRP and plastics.

Used in a professional finishing system for above and below the waterline.

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Epofond AM/9 - Satin Epoxy Yacht Primer

Satin epoxy yacht primer formulated for application on all substrate types.  


Providing excellent adhesion, anticorrosion properties, and a non-toxic film, used in two-component coating system. Also used for portable water tanks.



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Epofond HB- High Build Epoxy Yacht Primer Epofond WB/90- Waterbased Epoxy Primer

Epofond HB - High Build Epoxy PrimerSatin high build epoxy paint suitable for all substrate types, allowing a higher thickness coat per application.

Used as a fairing epoxy and also for it's anti osmosis properties, suitable for below and above waterline.


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Epofond WB/90 - Waterbased Epoxy PrimerHigh performance water based epoxy, suitable for all substrate types, provides excellent anticorrosive and water proofing, where a water-based coating is required for internal parts of boats. 



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Cromominio AT - Anticorrosive Primer Epowood - Epoxy Wood Primer

Cromominio AT - Antiicorrosive PrimerRust inhibitor yacht primer, a general purpose anticorrosive and anti-decay primer, suitable for above and below the waterline on steel and wood.





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Epowood - Epoxy Wood PrimerEpoxy for use on wooden substrates as a primer before a two-component coating system.


Providing excellent adhesion and long term resistance in the marine environment.


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Epozinc 1C - Zinc-Rich Primer Eliprimer 2C - Propeller Primer

Epozinc 1C - Zinc-Rich Yacht PrimerOne component zinc-rich epoxy based primer, for easy application where a high quality anticorrosive protection is required.


Used for maintenance of hot galvanised substrates.




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Eliprimer 2C Propeller Yacht PrimerSatin epoxy yacht primer for steel, brass, bronze, cast-iron, light alloys. Used as a primer on propellers, flaps, trim tabs etc. Provides long lasting anticorrosive barrier.

Over coated with antifouling and two-component finishes.


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Carbonio UV - Coating for Carbon Fibre Epozinc 2C - Zinc-Rich Epoxy Primer

Carbonio UV - Coating for Carbon FibreSpecial two-component clear coating for use directly on to carbon fibre substrates, including yacht hulls, superstructures and masts.






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Epozinc 2C - Performance Zinc-Rich Epoxy PrimerTwo-component zinc-rich epoxy coating, formulated for a high quality, and long lasting protection of steel substrates.

Used also as a cold galvanising primer. Suitable for above and below the waterline.


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Eposealer - Anti-Osmois Epoxy

Eposealer - Solvent Free Anti-osmosis Epoxy Primer Clear solvent free epoxy coating performing excellent adhesion, waterproofing, and long-term resistance in a coating system below or above the waterline.


Used also for treating osmosis.



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