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Skipper (UK) Ltd based in Rochester-Kent was established in 1995 for the distribution within the UK of the Italian coatings manufacturer Aemme Colori’s marine coatings brand Skipper’s Line. Skipper UK’s highly dedicated team are well positioned to offer a complete service to all Skipper’s Line customers nationwide, drawing on its experience and skills from all aspects of the boat building and marine industry. Together with Aemme Colori’s highly skilled technical we are able to assist customers throughout all stages of the coating process, from new build construction to coatings maintenance.
Aemme Colori was established in 1947 by Alzano Lombardo under the initial name of “Colorificio Lombardo” and began manufacturing paints and primers for the decorative coatings and building industry. After a strong market acceptance by professional painters and strong sales, customer demand compelled the company’s management to relocate it production to the larger city of Bergamo.
In 1975 in order to meet demand for more technically advanced coatings. The production unit was taken to Ranica and established as Aemme Colori. Colorifico Lombardo continued the wholesale/retail distribution at its location in Bergamo, while Aemme Colori’s plant concentrated on producing for an expanding retail market, developing new technically advanced products for the specialist coatings markets.
Technological evolution of Aemme Colori’s products was the result of carefully implemented policies of expansion and investment. Together with new personnel creating the essential balance between innovation and experience, with the investment of technological advanced machinery. Realising the company’s goal of timely flexible production maintaining superior product quality, and a competitiveness within the market.
At this time Aemme Colori’s laboratory was strengthen to meet an assortment of needs including new product research and development, testing and quality controls. For targeted technical consulting and support for the development of project-specific products for individual customers requirements. New technology for the marine coatings product range Skipper’s Line which is exported to many countries worldwide. This significant expansion resulting in the necessity to enlarge the production facility, constructing a new factory at the Ranica site.
Aemme Colori strengthened its market share through the 2001 acquisition of “Colorifico Baseggio” of Scorzé – Venice. A well-known family marine coatings brand established in 1890 highly appreciated for the quality of its products.
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