Epofond AM/9 – Epoxy Primer 3.125 Litre Kit

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Satin epoxy yacht primer formulated for application on all substrate types, GRP, Wood, Steel, Aluminium, Ferrocement.


Provides strong adhesion to substrate and a long effective anticorrosive barrier on steel. Epofond AM/9 epoxy primer provides a non-toxic film enabling use as an internal coating for water tanks.

Epofond AM/9 epoxy can be over coated with chlorinated, acrylic and polyurethane coatings. Resistant to oils, naphtha, kerosene and soda solutions.

Key Features

  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply and easy sandpapering
  • Suitable for a wide range of application types
  • Provides excellent adhesion

Product Technical Details

Area of Use: Below and Above the waterline
Bare Substrate: GRP/FRP
Coverage per Litre: 8-9 m2 per litre (5-6 m per kg)
Application Method: Brush – reducing by 10-15% with Thinner 765
Spray – reducing by 15-25% with Thinner 765
Pot Life (A+B at 20ºC): Use mixture within 6-8 hours
Touch Dry: 2 hours at 20ºC
Recoat Time: 12-24 hours at 20ºC
Colours: available in White/Grey/Red
Number of Coats: 2-6 (depending on usage)
Mixing Ratio: 9 parts Sol A with 1 parts Sol B
Packaging Size: 750ml, 2.78 litres and *27kg kits (A+B)


* The product information is a general overview to help when deciding which product to use. Please see the product’s technical data sheet for specific information.


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