Star Teak Cleaner – Teak Cleaner 1Litre

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Concentrated solution for cleaning teak decks and other areas. It removes ingrained dirt and restores the wood.

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Star Teak Cleaner is a concentrated solution for cleaning teak decks, and other untreated surfaces on board. The cleaner removes ingrained dirt from the wood, restoring the woods natural colour.

The cleaner can be thinned with water and is not suitable for spray application. The cleaner should be applied on to the wood and scrubbed.

for the most effective results, the use of Star Teak Brightenershould be used if the teak remains blackened or grey.

Key Features

  • Can be thinned with water by 1 to 3 part or more
  • Easy rinsed with fresh water after use
  • Removed ingrained dirt form the wood


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